Fed up with the underwire poking through your bra and stabbing you?

Well here’s some tips, and recommendations on the best bras to buy.

If money is tight, give your bras special treatment and they will last years, not months, and pay you back in kind.

  • Don’t put your bra in the dryer. (The dryer is really death to them)
  • Always wash them in a mesh bag on a delicate low heat wash
  • Any bleach and it will degrade the elastic and the glue that holds the wires in cheaper bra varieties
  • Don’t count the pennies, its a false economy the better bras have their underwires sewn in

So what are the best bras to buy?

Without a doubt Wacoal bras are excellent, and the wire well padded, particularly at the ends. Check out lingerie uncovered’s Wacoal bras or if you are a uk reader, Brabras selection of Wacoal lingerie. Ooh, lets not forget herroom too!

Other brands to check out are Lise Charmel, Chantelle, and Vanity Fair. We have also been hearing good things about Le Mystere 9155 Renaissance Carina Seamless Underwire Bra. 🙂

If you have anything to add, let us know.

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  1. yes i iike the transparancy bra, would you sent me more picture of panties, stockings and G-strings..I prefered if the white ones

    • This is actually my first time here, really nice looking web. I found so many interesting things in your site especially about Lingerie for Wedding Night. I favor this website given and it has given me some sort of dedication achievement for a few purpose, so thanks.

  2. i think wearing the right bra helps a lot. i wear the distraction bras and you can’t even feel the wires. i think it might be cause their push up bras are custom made. they’re very comfortable. it’s like you’re not wearing an underwired bra at all. i also tried their wireless push up bra. i like both styles, but if you’re looking for a push up bra with comfortable wires, these are definitely it.


  3. The best way to not have a wire stab you is to buy a wireless bra! I know they don’t work for larger women, but I wish bra designers would figure out the huge market they could capture with A and B and maybe even C cup women who want wireless but sexy bras.

  4. get the BraLee and save a lot of money!! it’s at etsy.com

    it protects your precious boobies and makes your bra last longer.

    don’t throw away your favorite bra just yet

  5. yes Wacoal bras are great cause they use a product called Fortitube, which stops wires from poking through,,, its a patented product as i hear and majority of the brands in the world use it,,, like wacoal, VS, M&S, JCP (a few styles)

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